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Predicting and Preventing Oilfield Scale; The Value of Accurate Chemical Analysis and Correct Sample Handling Procedures Request
Implications of Biofuels on Microbial Spoilage and Corrosion within the Fuel Distribution Chain and End Use Purchase
Produced Water Treatment (PWT) versus Produced Water Re-Injection(PWRI) Request
Novel DNA Extraction and Preservation on Offshore Facilities using FTA Cards Request
Implications of Produced Water Re-injection on Reservoir Souring Request
Structure Elucidation of C80, C81 and C82 Isoprenoid Tetra Acids Responsible for Naphthenate Deposition in Crude Oil Production Purchase
Investigation into Halfdan Water Injection Biofilm Using Chemical Microsensors Purchase
Analysis of ‘ARN’ Naphthenic Acids by High Temperature Gas Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Purchase
Reservoir Simulation of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Activity in the Deep Sub-Surface Purchase
Effects of Nitrate Treatment on a Mixed Species, Oil Field Microbial Biofilm Purchase
Naphthenate Formation in Oil Production: General Theories and Field Observations Request
Controls on Soap Scale Formation, including Naphthenate Soaps – Drivers and Mitigation Purchase
Produced Water Re-injection and its Impact on Reservoir Souring Request
West Seno Deepwater Development Case History – Production Chemistry Purchase
Predicting Injectivity Decline in Water Injection Wells by Upscaling On-site Core Flood Data Request