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Field Specific Demonstrations of Modification of Microbial Growth in Oil Reservoirs: Flow Cell and Micromodel Investigations of Attachment Characteristics of Reservoir Bacteria Request
Control Strategies for Thermophilic Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria Purchase
Bacterial Growth in Oilfield Reservoirs: Souring and Biofouling Related to Reservoir Treatments and Characteristics Request
Reservoir Souring – Control Using Biocides Request
Survival Mechanisms of Hydrogen Sulphide- Producing Bacteria Isolated from Extreme Environments and their role in Corrosion Purchase
Corrosion Implications of Thermophilic Sulphate- Reducing Bacterial Growth in Oil Reservoirs Request
Isolation and Core Penetration of Starved and Vegetative Cultures from North Sea Oil Systems Request
Thermophilic sulphate-Reducing Bacteria and Reservoir Souring: Practical Consequences of Dormant Forms of t-SRB Request
Malignant Microbes May Sour Reservoirs Request
Reservoir Souring: The Involvement of Dormant Thermophilic Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria Request
Monitoring and Detection of Different Growth States of Thermophilic SRB Request