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Sudan Oil Minister welcomes British oilfield solutions company – Oil Plus Limited UK

by Christina Kingston Company

Sudan Oil Minister welcomes British oilfield solutions company – Oil Plus Limited UK

The Sudan Minister of Oil and Gas, His Excellency, Dr. Abdulrahman Osman Abdulrahman said that the doors of Sudan are open to all those whom possess sufficient technical capabilities and wish to cooperate in the oil sector. He welcomed the desire of the British oilfield solutions company, Oil Plus Limited – UK, to provide integrated solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry by utilising scientific methods to eradicate major obstacles in the Sudanese oil sector.

The meeting was attended by a delegation from the British company, headed by Mr. Giles Davies and their local agent Eng. Ahmed A. Mukhtar. The meeting discussed the company’s technical capabilities and its efforts in Sudan to identify the nature of the sector’s need for oil services.

Oil Plus expressed its desire to enter into partnerships with the Sudanese oil sector to work on finding advanced scientific oilfield solutions to the obstacles facing the Sudanese oil industry, stressing the willingness of the company management and readiness to start work after spending sufficient time in Sudan to study the needs of the sector.

The minister directed the Central Petroleum Laboratories to enter into a partnership with the British company, Oil Plus, to benefit from its expertise in providing the necessary technical assistance, services and training to their Sudanese counterparts.

He further directed the management of oil facilities and the Khartoum Refinery Company to discuss the possibility of benefiting from Oil Plus’s experience and capabilities and to capitalise on the integrated studies that have previously been conducted to meet the country’s need for oil services technologies. Oil Plus will add value by working with existing laboratories and reducing the cost of maintenance of refineries and training.

Giles Davis, Regional Sales Manager for Oil Plus, anticipated the benefits and the serious steps taken by the company in partnership with the Sudanese Central Petroleum Laboratories, especially that the company has solutions to the problem of periodic maintenance of refineries in a manner that reduces the cost and duration of periodic maintenance, pointing out that the company has been working in this field for more than 40 years in over 67 countries and has implemented more than 2,600 projects worldwide.

“We have been working in Sudan with Oil Plus Limited – UK since 2010 and during this period we have completed numerous scientific studies on the needs of the country in the oil industry and have developed advanced scientific solutions,” said Ahmed A. Mukhtar, General Manager of Arkan Integrated Solutions Company and the Exclusive Agent in Sudan of the British company, Oil Plus Limited – UK.

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