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2017 Summer Placement at Oil Plus

by Christina Kingston Technical

2017 Summer Placement at Oil Plus

This summer Oil Plus has hosted Daniel Holloway, a Geology graduate from Imperial College London, for a laboratory internship.

Whilst he has been with us, Daniel has been working as part of the chemistry team in completing research analysis for a Calcium Naphthenate (CaN) joint industry project (JIP) that Oil Plus is managing. This project was initially started in 2007, and considered the various acids groups within a crude oil sample. With the experience in working with some of the worst flow assurance production issues operators faced during that period, Oil Plus’s investigative work enabled oil companies to collaboratively discuss their requirements for combating this difficult organic scaling issue.

Scale Organic separator solids

Following several round-table discussions it was established that a computer model would benefit operators in determining the scale potential from new appraisal well fluids, with the ability to manage an existing production problem.

As part of the deliverables for the existing project, Daniel was tasked with performing laboratory experiments to investigate how various factors control the precipitation of calcium naphthenate in crude oil. Under the guidance of Max Frenzel and the chemistry team, he become proficient in a range of production chemistry laboratory techniques including:

  • oil-in-water analysis;
  • measurement of hydrogen sulfide;
  • particle size analysis;
  • bacterial analysis by MPN;
  • ionic analysis of water by ion chromatography and;
  • TAN analysis of oils.
Daniel Holloway JIP work

Daniel has become a valued member of our team, but sadly we had to say goodbye as he has returned to Imperial to complete an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience. We wish him all the best, and look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Details of our projects that involved CaN production related issues, and technical journal papers on naphthenic acids can be viewed in our Resource Library.

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